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Italian famous artist. He is currently the director of the Museum Scalvini in Desio, Italy.

In 1971, he graduated from the Interior Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

He has studied abstract painting art for many years and has a good reputation in the Italian contemporary art circle.


In 1968, Cristiano Plicato was introduced by the famous Spanish poet Rafael Alberti and made his debut in a group exhibition in Alba Adriatica, where his work was well received.

In 1971, curated by the critic Gino Sordini, Cristiano Plicato had his first solo exhibition at the Ticino Gallery in Milan. The famous Italian painter Emilio Tadini (later director of the Brera National Academy of Fine Arts in Milan) wrote in a review in 1972: "Plicato, a young painter in the Brera district. There are about 20 works on display at the Ticino Gallery, and it must be said that they have a good level of rigour, seriousness and certainty.”


Over the decades, Cristiano Plicato has held more than 140 solo exhibitions in his artistic career. His works have been invited to be exhibited in galleries in Italy, Spain and Europe and America, and have been collected by private collectors and public institutions. These include: The Collezione Card, Archbishop of Milan; Giacomo Lercaro Center; Paul VI Art and Spirituality Collection; Aragua Art Museum, Venezuela; Gibellina Museum; Marian Museum of Contemporary Art; Platja, Spain Galleria de Aro GE Castle; Jordi Comas Matamala Platja de Aro GE Foundation, Spain; Art Gallery of Salou; Permanent Museum, Milan; Strand Gallery, London; Dalí Theatre Museum, Bruges, Belgium; Scaveni Museum; Lissone Contemporary Art Museum; Ezio Marian Art Gallery; Spain Calonge Art Gallery, etc.


Cristiano Plicato is currently Director of the Museum Scalvini in Desio, Italy.

Professor of Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Valentia, Italy.

Art Curator and Director at the Giuseppe Scalvini Museum Foundation.

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